I'm attempting to sight read a Thelonius Monk piece, it's in 4/4 and there's one section where there are two chords, and they each split the measure evenly, but the melody over those two chords is a quarter note triplet.
I have no idea how to play this

What I mean by quart note triplet is there are 6 quarter notes in the measure and they're split, each with a bracket over top with a 3 in the middle, so am I supposed to play these evenly spaced over the span of two beats or what?
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yeah pretty much what i do when playing a peice that has a triple in it i just think in3/4 for thta triplet beat i hope that makes sense
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So for crotchet triplets, sub divide each beat into 3, and play every second one.

(1),2,(3), 2,(2),3, (3),2,(3), 4,(2),3.

Eventually you'll learn to feel this rhythm, and know when you aren't playing these equally.

Also, why are you sightreading Monk? It's Jazz dude, to play Monk, you gotta hear Monk. His magic is in how he plays time.
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to figure out fourth triplets do the followilng:

tap an eighth note rhythm with your left and right hand (using them for one note each in an alternating matter)- for example on a table.

then, when you got this, stop tapping with either one of your hands. what the other hand goes on doing is the fourth triplets.
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Best way to ease into 4th-note triplets is to take 8th triplets and accentuate every second note. I don't know what syllables you're accustomed to, if any, but they can be helpful in this case - for example if you're using "TA-te-ki TA-ke-ti" etc, you now accentuate that as "TA-ke-TI ta-KE-ti" instead. The accents fall on the 4th-note triplets. When you've practiced this a bit, remove the unaccented 8th note triplets, but keep the subdivision going in your head. Most people have a tendecy to lean towards syncopations when performing 4th note triplets, but practicing them from the ground up like this should leave you able to perform them in a tight manner.