Basically technical death metal.

What i'm currently working on:
Scales, every kind of scale imaginable, working on memorizing them and and getting faster at picking.

Still working on better more controlled alternate picking

I also realize i will need to pick up sweep picking eventually. But i'm not there yet.

Any advice, tips, recommendations etc.?

Any recommendations on songs to start learning that wouldn't make me completely shit bricks at this point?
Maybe the easier scar symmetry songs like "Ghost Prototype""The Anomaly" "Illusionist" although these songs tend to be on the cheesier side. Plus I don´t know if you have access to a 7 string.
My advice is to not spread yourself too thinly. It's generally better to pick a small number of things to work on and dig deep into them for a while before turning your attention to other areas.

Regarding scales, I doubt that you need to learn every scale under the sun. I would expect that mpent and natural minor (all five shapes) would probably take care of the majority of situations, though certainly learning arpeggios would be a good move.
^ yeah, although tech death will make liberal use of diminished scales and the harmonic minor. Btw, noticed you making lots of great posts around the forums, keep it up. ^^

I would say focus on -

Right hand accuracy and rhythmic tightness
Left hand relaxation and economy of motion
Playing super, super clean

My videos covering the latter two points are here -


In short, everything is about SOLID BASICS and lots of practice!
If you really want to get technical, learn your theory. May not be the orthodox ones, but atleast know why certain scales are made the way they are. One thing I've learnt is that if you learn your theory, technique will follow (usually). As a fan of tech death myself, I suggest listening to Malmsteen. Lol, basically, most of them revolve loosely around his style. (Variations like how Aeon uses Melodic minors in place of Harmonic, and lots of other guitarists do their own thing) Also I suggest picking up some CD's of Blotted Science.
Learn the basics of the major and minor scale and discover what the 8 notes each contribute to the texture of the scale. Create your own theory.

For technique, get John Petrucci's Rock Discipline and go through a couple of Dream Theater songs and you'll be well on your way. Good luck!