Hey guys, got a new song here. It was a little experiment in the sense that I wanted it to be somewhat heavier, and quickly transition to solos and stuff. My past couple songs have been really happier sounding, and I wanted to make something a little more metal. I may have went a little overboard with the solos. I actually had to go back and revise everything in the song because it was too long and the riffs didn't really go well with each other., believe me it was bad. This is about the best I can do with what I had, I'm still not 100% crazy about it but I still found it interesting.

Anyways leave me some feedback if you can, and I will gladly C4C
i didn't think it was that bad. only real issue for me was the drums sounded a little too obviously fake. thats a problem i'm trying to figure out for myself as well. i liked the riffs, kinda reminded me of lamb of god a couple of times. if you wanna help me out heres a link to mythread
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