Hey guys, basically this is a challenge or a project for those of you interested. Of course I'll also be participating in this. First of all, I believe their are many methods in getting better as a musician such as: Practicing, building techniques, and watching lessons. This is one method I did quite a bit, when I was younger to learn some material.

In this exercise the challenge is to learn a set-list of one of your favorite bands.
Learn atleast 6 songs and try to play the part of a specific musician in the band.
Make sure to learn songs from a certain era/album. Don't learn 5 songs from 1990 and 1 song from 2010.

-Your favorite band is doing a joined tour with a few of your favorite bands. "_____", guitarist "_____", hurt his arm and won't be able to make it on this specific tour. You need to audition for this band, so they told you to prepare 6 of their best songs.
You only have 3 weeks to do this, it's short notice but that's band life for ya.

-Please post your band, the 6 songs, and a little something something.
This sounds like it could be fun but I don't quite get it... Once we learn the songs do we then record them?
It's more of a self thing.
No need to record or write anything down.
Just give yourself 3 weeks to learn new material.
This is most fun with the Cure, I find. Unless you live in a music shop, you end up making your guitar sound like an electric, an acoustic, a six string bass and the odd synth, as well as using effects pretty much constantly. Awesome way of expanding your trick bag. Although you can end up playing three hour long sets in a row...
Dude, where's my band?