I have a Kramer Striker with a Schaller floyd rose set in it. I have a H-S-H setup. So my neck is a SH1N, SSL-5, bridge is a SH-5. All Seymour Duncan too. Should i change some of my pickups? I really like the SH5, and i use the SSL-5 here and there. However don't care much for the SH1N. Doesn't sound beefy enough. Doesn't seem right sitting with the SH-5 and SSL-5. The neck replacement doesn't have to be another Seymour Duncan either. I just like having all the same brand for some odd reason.
Also i have a Line 6 Spider III amp, 75w. I'd really like to get a Peavey amp at some point, under $400 if possible. I play mostly metallica, iron maiden, judas priest, megadeth, slayer, black sabbath, etc. And really mostly rhythm, however i do learn simple solos every once in a while. Like Sweating Bullets, Aces High, that harmony solo from Fight Fire With Fire.
I think I understand why that guitar has the set-up there. The SH-5 is a heavier p/u designed for rock and the like. The SSL-5 will also give a slightly heavier sound as it is kind of the David Gilmour type P/U with decent sustain and a true single coil. The SH1N is more of a jazz type P/U designed for cleaner playing. This is a typical set-up for many guitars in order for the guitar maker to broaden the sound of the guitar itself. Personally I would leave well enough alone as my HH Jacksons are set up this way to a degree. I LOVE the Duncan Invader in the bridge and I like to combo it with a Jazz in the neck. The idea is to play rhythm ( for metal) with the invader as it has monster sustain and I tend to move the switch to combine with the Jazz during a lead to add a clean element to the solo ( and change volume of your amp with the footswitch by using a different channel) overall to get the solo heard as running the same volume during a solo it can get washed out with the rest of the band. Your present set-up would allow for the same with the bridge and middle P/U's.

If you are into the likes of Pantera Seymour Duncan offers the Dimebag and it doesn't sound bad but I think it is too thin - too much high and not enough punch. I will probably pull mine out of my Jackson Kelly and replace it with either an Invader or try the Synister Gates.

You could always call up Seymour Duncan ( they are located right here in Santa Barbara) and talk with one of their guitar techs. I did and this is why my guitars are set up the way they are. I have a Jackson DK2M that came with the Duncan designed p/u's and i really think those are junk - they sound very muffled to me, but I bought the guitar because it already had an invader in it. ( $200 at a second hand music store in Santa Cruz) I decided to yank the two single coils and installed a cool rails in the middle and a hot rails up top. This has become my "go to " guitar. Anyway there is food for thought.
Wait until you've changed amps. How a pickup sounds to you now may be entirely different ot how it sounds to you once you've gotten your new amp. Just going from a Spider III to any of Peavey's high-gain valve amps is going to add a lot of power and mids to your sound; it's very likely you'll then find the '59 sounds right, as it can be a very thick-sounding pickup. In fact the most common progressive/metal neck pickup from SD is the Jazz, which is a thinner and brighter-sounding version of the '59 that you have.

So, amp first, pickups second.

That said, if you do end up changing pickups anyway, try a DiMarzio Breed (thicker tone, little more output), Seymour Duncan '59/Custom Hybrid (thicker tone, considerably more output) or Duncan Distortion (much thicker tone, way more output).
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