I was wondering what would happen to the bolt on neck on my 7-string Ibanez s7320 if I disassemble the guitar. I am concerned about it warping if I leave if with the truss rod unadjusted and leave it lying around for 24+ hours.

The reason why I'm doing this is to transport it by plane, safely tucked away in my luggage bag in several parts to be assembled later. (And I'm already having 1 guitar as carry on).

Any ideas? Is it a bad idea to take the guitar apart for a long long pacific flight and put it in the baggage? Will I need to adjust the truss rod to compensate for lack of strings?

It should be fine as far as leaving it off. Because I have a spare neck sitting in my closet for my Strat that's fine. Just don't let anything press too hard against it. And I wouldn't make this a common practice as the holes will get stripped
I did the same thing a while back, traveled halfway around the world with my bass in two pieces, screwed everything back together and everything was fine.

If you're worried, and since you have your tools out, why not slack the truss rod off anyway? It can't hurt. Just set it up again when you get where you're going.
A day or two is not going to hurt your neck. Guitars are much, much more durable than so many people give them credit for. We're not talking about twigs here.
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My Jackson neck warped something g terrible but I left strings off it for like 6 months in a case out in my garage during Florida weather. But for a day or two you'll be more than fine.

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