Hi all, so i've been looking at ways to get more from my amp sound, i have a Spider valvle MKII 1x12, which i got as my vh100r is way to big for bedroom use, but this spider is also to big

Sound wise if i get the amps volume up theres a sweet spot which sounds great, but the volume is just to high to use, so ive been considering options and heres what i've come up with;

-- Get a Hotplate\attenuater
-- Swap out the stock speaker for a Eminence REIGNMAKER (attenuater built in/FDM)
-- Get a small amp

Looking for advice on what people think is the best option, i play mostly metal\shred, if i went with a small amp so far i have looked at;

- Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister (has a power soak to swap down to 1w but unsure if theres enough gain)

--Laney ironheart IRT15H (Again has a 15\1w power soak)

So what route do you think i should take?

(My budget is £600 max, obviously id prefer not to have to spend it all but if needed then thats the max)