One of my favorite songs, I think you did it justice.
Play Loud! Play Fast! Play Raw!
Następne będzie na stojaka miałem straszny burdel w pokoju i nie bardzo było gdzie kamerkę postawić xD
The playing was really catchy in my opinion, I know you stated that you dont have the right equiptment for better recording, i challenge you (if you'd like) to maybe buy your self somthing that will allow better quality for your recordings . Maybe somthing to connect to your computer from your guitar. Just so you can recieve more feedback as that will improve your audience a bit more. The solo was sweet and melted my face off.

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Solo is from the Original track and not by me.
Addy - for some reason your video that you sent is not available for me, so I watch some other of yours

Turtle - I know I should buy some better equipment but that's pretty hard in my country to gain money xD my computer is too shitty for any music editing programs (yes, it's that bad). I have problem with saving money because I'm addicted to buying CDs xD

That's pretty sad you all said that playing was good, and even then it has more bad ratings on YouTube than anything I've put before xD