Are you proficient in alternate tunings, weird time signatures, and finger picking? And are up for playing some shows for my band in the summer? You'll just be learning some songs that I've written but it'll be a challenge I promise! We want to play some shows in the summer but the bits are too difficult for me to sing and play at the same time so I'll be taking bass duties to compensate. Let me know if you're man enough, cause it may be quite difficult to get a hold of if you're not used to playing in this style.

Sounds like American Football, Tangled Hair, Toe, This Town Needs Guns, Tera Melos, Colour, and Tubelord.

Ideally you should be around 18-20ish, and if you're 18/19 you can join us in recording some of our songs. Though you'll likely be playing bass for the recordings or spending some of the time learning the guitar parts.

These are our demos for your listening pleasure:
https:// soundcloud. com/washingmachinepants/one-day-three-autumns-demo/s-snLoH
https:// soundcloud. com/washingmachinepants/song-2-bass-end-output-stereo/s-cp6gS
https:// soundcloud. com/washingmachinepants/song-04/s-snLoH
https:// soundcloud. com/washingmachinepants/demos-1-1/s-snLoH
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