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Over the last few months I have been putting together, building and recording a new amp. The amp is derived from the classic Marshall 1974x (18W) design and shares much of the same elements. It is however modified and voiced to be more of a 20W Plexi ala JTM45/JTM50/1959. Think small package Plexi tones without the killer volume. So fat clear clean tones and singing distorted tones. Lots of chunk and grind too.

-5AR4 tube rectifier
- TMB channel with Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls. This is your classic Marshall channel.
- Normal channel with Volume and Tone controls. This channel comes straight from the 18W design.

Everything you wanted to know about the design and controls of the amp can be seen in the schematic

Interesting things to note:
- VRM control (controls B+ of the entire amp for a very effective master volume control)
- 6V6GT output tubes
- Quasi cathode bias to mimic a fixed bias output section
- JTM45/Plexi switch to change the preamp from a JTM45 to a Plexi (1959) preamp
- Three way preamp boost switch, bright-flat-fat

As for some pics...
The completion of this amp coincided nicely with acquisition of my ES-335

For more info, pics and sound clips check out http://pdfelectronics.com/18w-plexi/ Interested to here some feedback on the soundclips. I am no expert in recording but I did the best I could with what I had on hand/knew.
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The cleanliness of that wiring is unbelievable
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Nice overall job.

Clean solid soldering, neat structured wiring. Pride in the workmanship comes through.

Nice ES-335 too
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Looks slick man.

Did you source the parts yourself, or is that a trinity amp kit??
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sounds good man

Id like to hear one where you push those tubes a little more man

but the cleans are perfect
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You make it look easy man! Gorgeous

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