I am planning to add chrome pickup covers to my Gibson Les Paul 2008 Classic, solely because I like the look of it better. However I'm kinda not very knowledgeable about messing around with pickups and stuff. Is there many things I need to worry about before doing so?

E.g. I know that it is better to keep the strings on (save the one being replaced) while restringing, is it that bad for the guitar to take it off?
Should I bring it to a luthier/guitar shop instead? I really don't want to mess up my guitar.
Does it impact the sound greatly?

Nonetheless, I the store only sold me 1 because there was only one left in stock..
Somebody out there correct me if I'm wrong, but you could probably just slide the covers onto the pickups without any soldering.
There isn't enough space to do that due to the action on my guitar.
Taking all of the strings off of you're guitar is not likely to cause any damage to the neck if only off for a short period.

With that being said, adding pickup covers to the pickups without wax potting them can cause unpleasant microphonics while playing loud. It would be best to have it professionally done.
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Whether it will effect your sound depends on what the covers are made of. If they're silver/nickel then they won't effect the tone at all. If they're made of brass then they will take a lot of treble away.

Bear in mind that when you take the pickup out to put the covers on then you need to make sure you put it back at the same height it was before. Putting it in lower or higher than it was previously will effect the sound quite a lot. Lower = more sustain, clarity, dynamics and less output, while higher = the opposite.

You will need to wax pot the pickups when adding covers. This stops the pickups from being microphonic and giving you horrible feedback and other excess noise. There's lots of tutorials around that explain wax potting.
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