The first one I composed a couple years ago, and the second one just a couple months ago. I think they work well together. Please excuse the mediocre webcam-quality sound. I'd love to hear your critiques!

And Spring Fell Ill

A Shimmering Cloak of Leaves
Really lovely guitar playing and melodies, the second one I could see fitting in a final fantasy game lol. Good work man, keep it up!
when irish eyes are smiling, you've had to too much to drink cus eyes dont smile, mouths do
Both pieces sounded awesome. My favorite of the two was a shimmering cloak of leaves. It sounds very mystical almost. Ur playing technique is great How did u go about composing something like a shimmering cloak of leaves? Ive been trying to get into this style, but i just cant seem to write my own stuff, and have it sound like a piece of music rather than fingerstyle exercises.
Wow thanks! I like your description of the piece as 'mystical'! A Shimmering Cloak of Leaves is probably the trickiest (for me) fingerstyle piece that I have written. I sometimes mess up a lot when I try to record myself, and I still mess up on this piece relatively often. Had to make a lot of videos haha.

When I composed that one, I was just sitting my room listening to the rain hit my roof, and I got this image of wet leaves lying on the ground, and I wanted to make something that recalled the sound of falling rain, and the image of falling leaves. That's kinda what the first section is going for, with all the light descending melodies. I try to initially just play around and let my fingers come up with a rhythm, if that makes sense. Once I get a rhythm I like I start to really focus on WHAT I am playing. I might get a sound idea in mind, though to be quite honest my 'ear to playing' is very vague; I can't transcribe other people's songs by ear very well, my 'ear' isn't that great I guess, so when composing I rely on hearing what I am playing, if that makes sense. I focus more on the intervals between the notes when writing a melody, and the melody's movement, and I don't really consciously try and stay in a particular scale or anything, although that probably happens naturally. Start with a simple melody, a simple movement, and build off of it. Try to get an idea of where you want to go, and how that is going to resolve back into repetition of the melody. So I guess I also focus more on the 'movement' in between chords in a particular progression, as far as whether I want to ascend; descend; use a chord with a 'bigger' sound or a 'smaller' sound, so to speak. I guess dynamics is what I'm trying to get at with that. How it feels.

Once I have one 'phrase' or melody going, I'll try and either expand it to make a longer phrase, or I will try and begin probing a second phrase. Transitioning between riffs or phrases is still one of the most difficult things for me. I can write all sorts of little riffs and melodies, but connecting them together takes time. In the case of this piece, I had to decide whether I wanted to write a new phrase with the same rhythm or change it. In this case I decided to go with a more arpeggio-style phrase. I used a lot of major third intervals, and I utilize drone notes a lot also, especially the open E. With the major third intervals, I tried in this piece to put them in a more somber context, like you hear a lot in stuff like Opeth. Whereas in And Spring Fell Ill, I went for a more chipper sound with the melodies.

After I had those two phrases I just repeated the whole thing twice, then made the closing phrase, which is basically just taking that part of the first phrase and quickly arpeggiating it with the droning A. And although it's kinda hard to hear with the webcam, I start if rather softly and slowly build up the volume and speed. Anyway, I realize this is a huge rant, I hope you'll excuse the length. I decided sobriety was not the choice for the evening, as it's been a long day of work and class. But I do hope you find it helpful.
Thanks a million man for the huge explanation! I think that will help me a ton! Thanks alot!
I love the minor pauses that transition the different parts. It gives a chance to think quietly on what i've heard before the next part begins. Not to sound goofy but they remind me of a quiet nighttime drive, no cars on the road with no worries of having to rush etc, Or looking at things in a Museum. Nice playing, smooth, and overall some great songs! would work great with some mandolin on the side too!
Thanks for the feedback! The mandolin idea is interesting, I've kinda had a fluttering desire to get one, just haven't gotten around to it. If I ever get one I'll definitely have to work that into a piece, Zeppelin style!
Sounds Great! Kind of reminds of a John Renbourn kind of style - classical sounding but played on a steel string. And I second the mandolin, maybe get a "Going to California" type vibe!
Good technique, and interesting melodies! Keep at it man, looking forward to hearing more!
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