Got these two guitars in a trade today for a less than stellar condition Randall RG80 combo and an Aria Pro II "Knight Warrior" that was sitting in my room taken apart for years, needed a couple small pieces and a major setup (truss rod was really out of wack).

The one on the right is obviously just your standard affair Hondo II Strat knockoff (albeit with a surprisingly sexy neck, and Duncan humbucker). The one on the left? I'm not so sure. It's an ES-335 copy of some kind. The guy I got it from said it was a Univox from the 70s. The bolt-on neckplate says "Made In Japan", but who knows if that's the original neckplate. The headstock doesn't have a name on it and the shape is unlike anything I've come across, so I don't know if it's a Univox or what. Anyone have an idea what it could be? It plays quite well, whatever it is. The only telltale signs that I can see are that it has two knobs instead of four, and like I said, the headstock.

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For some reason I have the slightest hunch that Univox guitars had a thing for being unbranded at some point, so that might be true. Maybe. I think I remember a similar story or something....

Just a hunch

Real good trade anyways man. You won that one HNGD
Peek through the sound holes with a flashlight,you might find something.If you post a close-up of the headstock and one of the tailpiece,myself or possibly someone else might be able to help i.d. it.Cheers
I have to agree. That definitely has a Univox look to it. Here's a pic of mine for comparison. I have since thrown the pickguard away, it was a hack job to make it fit.

Very nice looking es-335 replica man. You definitely came out on top in this trade

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It could be an Encore.I also found similar guitars with similar headstock shapes that were Lyle brand.I think it is from the "lawsuit era"hence the no name.Could be valuable to a collector.
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Is the hollowbody a bolt-on, by chance?

Yep, it's a bolt-on.
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I have to agree. That definitely has a Univox look to it. Here's a pic of mine for comparison. I have since thrown the pickguard away, it was a hack job to make it fit.

The headstock shape is what throws me off, mainly. It's not the Gibson-style "open book" like that. I'll post a pic later.
Another thing, the more I play this I suspect that the pickups aren't actual humbuckers. I think they're single coils in humbucker casings. They just sound a lot "twangier" than most humbuckers. plan to replace them so it's not a big deal. They don't necessarily sound bad, just different.

Here's the headstock.

They probably ARE humbuckers. Some just sound much twangier than others. Listen to some TV Jones, for instance, or some old Gretsch or Rickenbacker HBs, and Reverend's RevTron mini-HBs, and they sound fairly twangy.
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That's possible. I'm used to higher output humbuckers I guess. I was thinking about swapping in some SD Pearly Gates.

I keep searching different variations on "ES335 copy" or "ES335 MIJ" to see if anything comes up. But I still haven't seen anything quite like it. It's driving me nuts, man.

By the way, I'm loving that Hondo more than I thought I would. I scraped off some paint in the input jack cavity to see what kind of wood it was (figured it was plywood) but it actually looks like solid wood. I'm not that great at identifying wood, looks like some kind of ash or basswood though. It plays well with a surprisingly fast neck... it has the glossy finish on it like a 70s Strat, which I like. I've been using it for Van Halen covers and 80s metal style soloing and it does the job perfectly.