I've recorded something new for you. I've tried to do it sound as best as possible.
I've played this on my 7string Schecter Hellraiser Special C-7 in normal tuning.
There're some little mistakes.
Please check it and write what you think.

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Damn that was good!!! Killer tone and bitching guitar I have a C1+ and its my favorite

Check out my covers.

Shinedown - Second Chance

The Offspring - Gone Away

Thanks for replies. Shure C4C welcome for all so waiting for more comments.

Big bang theory ---> it writes that your videos doesn't exist so I can't watch it. :/
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O stary co za brzmienie wszystko zajebiście. Nie ma się do czego przyczepić
That was great man! I really like how i can here the song and the live guitar at the same time very clearly! The playing was very fluent and you were grooving along making it very entertaining The SOLO was played great and very on point with the backtrack

Thank you for giving me feedback on the " CreeipngDeath" video, i was wondering if you could check out an original track?