I must say for being new, you have gotten a good acoustic sound! I'm not a fan of the vocals personally. You're a touch flat in places and I think you have too much verb on your voice. The songwriting itself is good though!

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Cheers very much, Yeah i'm not really a singer but it helps to have a voice there to give you an idea of what it could sound like lol.
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I actually really enjoyed this piece. Very minimalist in ways. For whatever reason, it reminded me of the beatles mixed with johnny cash haha (And thats not anything negative, just the first thing to pop in my head, and i have no clue why haha) I actually kinda liked ur vocals. I thought they fit well, and werent bad at all. I dug it man!
Thanks man, really appreciate that. The Johnny Cash and Beatles comparison is in no way negative! Cheers!
when irish eyes are smiling, you've had to too much to drink cus eyes dont smile, mouths do
I love the fingerpicked guitar stuff. Great tone from those fingers man, sounds great really.

When the strummed guitar comes in, i feel like the mix gets a bit messy. The strummed guitar isn't completely in time with the rest of the instruments, and while i like the idea of having it there, id consider re-tracking it because the timing issues are distracting and a bit disorienting.

The 'buh buh buh' vocal parts from the left and right kind of took me by surprise as well. I think they're a bit loud and when they come in the mix just gets way too busy. They draw too much attention to themselves, and i think those parts should still be present because they're cool... but barely audible. That way you feel that they're there, but you don't really hear them if that makes sense. They're for support not focus.

I think this is a very cool sketch with some great ideas and wonderful playing, and with some more work this has the potential to be something totally awesome. Great work man!
I 100% agree with you TV-Casuality, I always rush to get the song done and don't take time to make it perfect, think I will go back and correct the things you suggested, cheers very much!
when irish eyes are smiling, you've had to too much to drink cus eyes dont smile, mouths do
Really digged the playing, and I agree, you got a very good sound on the playing. The vocals weren't for my tastes, really. If you get a vocalist with that instrumental music behind it, it could be very good!
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Yeah, awesome acoustic sound! I really love the movement of the song. Makes my legs move... haha. The vox echo is sorta disturbing at first, but then it fades to the background. Very 50s sounding that.

I like the production. Everything seems to be very well balanced. The verse is nice and static and when the song decides it's a time to get moving it really takes you with it.

There seem to be some slight problems with some instruments staying in the same tempo here and there but might be I've just trained myself listening for that since I do quite a lot of recording. It's not that bad, really. Really cool track!

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Nicely done.

A few people have said that the vocals aren't really to their taste, but I think it's just that- a matter of taste. I think they fit very well with the style of the piece. I got a very Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros/Marc Broussard vibe from it, personally. Production wise, I think it's fine, but it couldn't hurt to play with some of the tweaks other folks suggested.
The guitar sounds great. The only thing that bothers me is the slap back delay on it. It makes the track sound really busy to my ears. Other then that the song structure is great and the melody flows nicely. You use some pretty nice chords there. If this is one of your first recordings then you have a talent for this! Keep it up man

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Thanks, Kevin
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