Hello there!

I'm a new member here so please be gentle

I've had this Gallotone Champion guitar for a while now and since I can't play a guitar I'd like to pass it on to someone who'll appreciate it more than me.

I bought this from a carboot sale for a tenner, I liked the look of it so I bought it thinking I'd try and learn how to play a guitar but it ended up sitting in the corner of my room gathering dust. I was also going to re-string it as there are only three of the original strings left, two are missing and one has snapped right near the bottom.

The neck looks to be perfectly straight but then again I do wear glasses.

I've had a browse around the internet and have seen the prices these go for but I'm not interested in trying to get silly money for it. She's had a few scrapes and knocks but looks honest as Hell and overall doesn't really look too bad.

If anyone can point me in the right direction as to where I can get a valuation from, or if anyone here would like to buy it (first dibs to the first hit I got on Google!) then please feel free to send me a PM or hit me up on here.

I'm a genuine person, I'm not here to rip anyone off or steal peoples' bank accounts. Just someone who's looking for genuine advice as I'm a complete noob with these things!

All the best.

Hi can you contact me on 07568342160 my name is chad ... I will buy this Guitair
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