Noticed my neck is a little warped. Wasn't like this a month ago when I bought it. Any help is appreciated.
I just noticed the action was slightly higher so I looked down the length of the neck and noticed a slight bow. I live on a boat although I always store it in its case. Will adjusting the truss rod take the warpage out?
Truss rods adjust the bow in the neck so yes, if it's too flat or too bowed that is what you want to adjust. There is some good info on this site that will help. Do a search and a bunch of info should come up.
if the action is higher in the center of the neck, SLOWLY adjust the truss rod 1/4 turn at a time. that means tighten. the best way to judge is take a capo, or 2 and put them on the beginning and the end of the neck so you can get the straitest reference. if you tighten the truss rod way too much, it will compress the wood, and ruin the guitar. if you tighten it slightly too much, the strings will fret out on the lower notes. keep in mind, the best guitar action has a slight bow, or else its fretting out. just dont over-do it, or its screwed.