Hello, I made a post about this awhile back, but I couldn't find it. Anyhow, I have a jet city JCA22h going through an egnater 1x12 celestion g12h30 speaker. The sound will crackle and the volume will drop. Anyhow after much diagnosis and cable swaps, I've noticed that it happens (only, if not most of the time) with my lava soar cable going directly from my guitar into the amp, could this cable be the problem / source?
Depends on what "only or most of the time means". I'd stop using that cable and see if it goes away.
Yeah, that's my current test. Just curious if it's possible. It does it randomly where the volume is just dropping consistently.
I've seen that a lot in amps that have cracked solder joints on the pots and/or jacks. Just need to be taken apart and resoldered.