Hi guys, i've recorded some of my songs from home, i'm playing everything on them (guitar/bass/drum/vocal) myself. I don't really know what my songs sound like but i'm into quite a varied amount of bands. My favorites are the likes of Black Sabbath, the Arctic Monkeys etc. But my music is fundamentally rock, with a bit of a twist (i think).

Anyway i'd love to hear what you think. I'm not great at producing, so some of the levels may be off, and it might sound a bit wonky, so i apologies.


"A Man" is probably my heaviest song, well it's got quite a heavy "doom metal" sort of style ending, and "To Be With Me" is my more pop-ish song, although i don't think it's quite pop, just a major key, and everything else is sort of inbetween.

Anyway, thanks for reading, feedback would be greatly appreciated!
Listened to fool's gold.

I like the vibe of it, but a couple things threw me off. When the guitar comes in, its really loud and it pushes the drums really far back. Then when the vocal comes in, its extremely loud and takes over the mix completely.

I thought it had a cool doom-metally sort of feel which was cool, and it sounded like your lyrics were good as well, though tbh i couldn't really understand much of what you were saying, haha