I have a Voodoo Labs GCX and Ground Control. In the back you obviously have to connect TONS of different inputs and outputs. I have always taken the cheap route and used cheap colored patch cables. I always assumed that using cheap patch cables rather than like a little monster cable pedal cable would decrease the quality of my tone, but how much of a difference in tone does it really make? Should I just invest in some better pedal cables and improve my tone a bit?
As long as the plugs are decent and not going to break you won't really be able to tell the difference.

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Invest in a true bypass looper pedal and you dont have to worry about patch cables much at all other than "as long as they work!"

regardless of true bypass and non true bypass pedals you will get loss of tone the more pedals you toss in the chain, thats where a true bypass looper pedal comes in handy. Just google it and you'll find some etc.