So...what would I need to do to set up my guitar for D standard? (It's set up for E standard typically.) I already know how to set up the FR system; done it 100s of times. But what else?

I assume I'll need to adjust the truss rod. How much?

And so on.

I'm hoping y'all can give me a complete list of what needs to be done.
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Other than the standard FR setup (adjusting bridge height and spring tension) there shouldn't be much you have to do.

Because the strings won't have as much tension it is possible you may have to raise the bridge or adjust the truss rod forward to decrease fret buzz. I would say this probably won't happen because D isn't that far from E
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I did this last week actually!

If you just tune the guitar to D in the first place and look at how much the bridge has changed angle. Then if you adjust the bridge (using the spring tension control) to the opposite and of what it went to. (If it went far up then put it back down, if it went down put it back up).

Once you have done that just retune it and tighten the nut and you're sorted!
When I swapped an old Ibanez with 10s on it from E to D I put 11s on it and I only had to adjust the springs a bit. The truss rod did not need adjusting since the heavier strings helped even out the tension a bit.
If you want the same feel for string tension, go with heavier strings. Do a google search for guitar string tension calculator. Ernie Ball makes a few packs that you can try: skinny top heavy bottoms (which I'm using right now in D), power (which I'll try next time) and beefy.
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Quote by KailM
No truss rod adjustment should be necessary. Just use a higher-gauged set of strings and you'll have the same tension, basically. Then just tune as necessary. Your springs will probably need to be adjusted.

Well, I am using GHS TNTs, which are .052, .044, .030, .017, .013., & .010. A guitar tech recommended I keep the top 3 and get .018, .014, & .011 for the bottom 3. He said that, in terms of tension, those gauges for the bottom 3 (in D) will be the same as what I have now (in E).

I supposes, considering that the tension will be roughly the same, I won't need to adjust the truss rod.

So, I was unable to find a set that fit my exact specs (which would be .052, .044, .030, .018, .014, & .011). However, I was able to find 2 sets that I could combine for .052, .044, .030, .018, .015, & .011. Going with some GHS boomers, because I like their tone. Thanks again, all.

Also, using a string tension calculator, I was able to figure out that I'd be going from 59.8kg (or ~131.8lb) of tension right now to 57.5kg (or ~126.8lb) of tension with the string setup in D. That's a tension loss of 2.3kg (or ~5lb). Is that considered acceptable?
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