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I just purchased a guitar Epiphone Les Paul Traditional PRO from Musician's Friend last month. I think my guitar might be defective. My guitar sounds normal but when I lift up the coil tapping button, my amp gives me buzzing annoying sound. I am playing it through a Line 6 Spider IV 75. I try changing the guitar cable but the buzzing sound doesn't go away. I also try it on a different amp and the buzzing sound is still there. The buzzing sound only go away when I turn off the coil tap. Is this perfectly normal?
This is normal, by coil tapping you are essentially turning the humbucker into a single coil. If you have ever played a Strat or something with regular single coils you will notice that they have that trademark buzz. There is no "humbucking" going on when you coil tap. BTW make sure you have the built in noise gate on on the Line 6, this will help with your issue.
Thanks for your response. I tried what you had suggested to me. I turned on the noise gate but the loud buzzing sounds still can be hear from my amp.
That is perfectly normal. You'll get hum when you split a coil because you're wiring the humbuckers like single coils when you split them.
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Thanks for clearing up my confusion. You guys are being helpful. Thank you so much