Hello everyone,

I've been looking for a guitar for downtuning/to play in B standard and have narrowed it down to two :

ESP Horizon NT 7 String

ESP Viper Baritone

I know it might seem an odd choice as one is a baritone and the other a 7 stringer, but I can't decide between the two as both have their pro's and cons.

The 7 string gives you more options musically with the extra string while the baritone has the advantage of having a thinner neck (as I mostly play standard 6 string guitars, mostly, and am not entierly sure which I'd prefer, as no guitar shop I'm aware of stocks either, so I can't really try and buy).

Any reccomendations, advice or experience of either these guitars would be appreciated.


B Jones
theres no difference by 7 string with 25"5 and 6 string 25"5 tuned to B. Expect e string for soloing. If you want higher tension get 27" scale length 7 string for soloing and, if u dont play solos that much get 6 string 27" baritone for tension. Ive got 25"5 7 string and feel comfortable with it. Only thing is really that on baritone u can use thinner strings for same tension. For eg 64 on B on 25"5 will have same tension as 60 on 25"5. Check both guitars and both scales . Some people here tuen to drop g with 24"75 but well. they do.
It all depends on wether you want extended range or transposed range. A seven string really isn't that different in feel, you get used to the neck within an hour or so and within a week you won't even notice.
It's really about whether you want a longer neck or a wider one. In all likelihood you would have an easier time getting used to the 7 string just because it's the same scale as a regular guitar.

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Quote by Wesbanez
If you can't decide, do what I did. Both, in one guitar:

27" - 25.5" scale

True. Get a fanned fret.
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