I realize I should post this in EG, but we all know GGnA is where its at. I understand if the mods gotta move it or whatever.

I wanted to pick yall's brain on a few things. First off, unfortunately, I no longer have a guitar or an amp! My crate died (thats a 50 dollar amp for ya, or whatever I paid) and my axe met with an unfortunate accident and is basically destroyed.

Right now I'm in the market for a sub 300 hundred guitar. I'm going fixed bridge and buckers, but the buckers aren't really a requirement, even the fixed bridge isn't a req, but its quite preferred. Right now I'm thinking of picking up a blacktop tele (non-ashtray fixed bridge, maple board, dual buckers). Got a guy selling a minty one (or so he says, I'll see it this weekend) for 300 and I expect to be able to talk him down on it. I couldn't find anything negative on these guitars, every MIM tele I've messed with has been pretty darn decent, and the price seems fair even if he doesn't budge.

Amp is secondary right now, I'd rather play unplugged than not at all and I still have a little orange sitting around I can rig back together. I'll probably end up building a 1x12 cab and then try to find a second hand tweaker 15 head. Might actually finally go through with building a one of those ceriatone creme brulees also. Like I said, that isn't really a concern right now, the guitar is much more important.

Required info:

Budget, 300$

Genres, blues, classic rock, hard rock, metal. Not looking for a specific sound or anything, so don't read into this too much

Used, for sure. Not really into buying sight unseen on guitars so it'll be craigslist, a local pawn shop or store with used gear

Home use

Located in St Louis, MO, USA

Current gear, crap load of cables, a BYOC wah, and a dismantled Orange Microcrush
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Sucks about your gear man,
I'd defiantly get the Tele if I was in your situation, either that or just go and check out used shit and jump on anything that seems interesting.
What sort of things are available used in your area?
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Thanks for the suggestions, this will help me narrow it down. First off, no-no on floating trems in this range for me, not worth it. Next, no epiphones, should've said that. I don't like epiphone in this range. Also, no SGs period.

I was considering a used shecter in this range, specifically the c-1s and the models similar. The diamond series pops up too, but I don't know about the quality in that line.
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I really like those blacktop teles, that would be a great choice. Used Epi LP would work as well. If your budget is flexible at all, you could try to look for one of the lower end PRS guitars.
You could always hardtail the trem, fairly easily. The S series is pretty awesome, a good friend of mine uses one as his main guitar and it kills. He doesnt use the trem on his.
I'd go for the blacktop... If it comes down to it, when you save a bit more money you can shove some nicer buckers into it.
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I'd go for the blacktop... If it comes down to it, when you save a bit more money you can shove some nicer buckers into it.

Yeah, that is usually my plan with any guitar. I'd have to pick up an amp first though, looking to get a guitar above all else.
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Check out some older Washburns. They had a custom shop & made some very high-dollar stuff back about 15 years ago and they are hugely underpriced now. Some of them sold for $1500 in the mid-ninties and go for $300 nowadays on eBay. I have a wild looking green-with-gold metalflake Billy T and the thing is a little screamer. Those W421 bridge humbuckers are the best straight rock and roll or blues pickups I've yet to hear. I liked the one on the Billy T so much that I hunted down a couple more and put them in my other guitars.

Remove V1 & V6. Put the 12AX7 from V1 into V6 and leave V1 empty. Try the vibrato channel.
I'll recommend the Schecter C1+ Kevin.

I bought mine new at Best Buy in a blowout sale for $299.

The exterior hardware and fit-finish is above average for this price range. TonePros TOM bridge, Grover tuners, chrome knobs.

The interior hardware is fairly cheap but not overly noisy.

The pickups were Duncan Designed HB101 and HB102s Burstbucker type. Not great for metal as they are a bit muddy but fine for rock and blues. I swapped those out for a Duncan TB11 and '59. Coincidentally I noticed that these two pups are not stock in the new C1 Customs.

I also have my blackie MIM Strat that I would consider selling to you for $300 but you'll need to get a different HB and clean up the soldering/switch.

If you ever make it down here you are welcome to check both of them out (not selling the Schecter).

PS: Try a Vypyr 60 Kevin. You may like it, you may not. It covers blues to br00talz. I got mine at Guitar Center used for $315.

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IMHO the Blacktops are Fender's best made MIM guitars. It's on par with a Highway 1 or an American Special, but more affordable due to the cheaper labor/overhead down there.

Just be ready for it to not sound much like a Telecaster. The bridge is not a Tele bridge at all (pickup doesn't mount to the bridge), and it has a lot less mass and no "ashtray lip". Plus it doesn't have the traditional 3 shared brass barrel saddles, but rather has 6 saddles.

I also agree w/311 that the Schecters get a bad rap around here, although they can have issues. I'd imagine they'd have less issues (if any) with their fixed bridges than with their LFRs.
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I hate on Schecter because I'm a hater. Never liked them as a company- they seem like a joke. That being said their guitar and basses are just fine. I've played a few trying to change my opinion of the company and their quality is on part with most korean imports.

Now the important questions- do you have pics of said destroyed guitars?

Does your budget include the amp? What is your amp budget if it separate?
Thanks for the input guys.

311: Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm gonna go for something different than a strat. If I do a strat again I'd really like to build one with p90s or something.

Jetwash: Yeah, I don't expect it to sound like a tele, which is alright with me. I'll probably put GFS p90s or PAFs in it anyways after I have an amp.

R4VT: No, no pics, too heartbreaking. As far as budget this is just for the guitar, I don't think I'd ever go below 300. An amp isn't critical for me so I'll save up on that and try to get something nice. I'm not really set on what I'd pick up anyways.
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Thanks for the help guys, I ended up finding something totally different, check out my NGD thread.
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