I would like to play this song (see tab below) I can play the rest of it but I'm having trouble barring the 3's, whatever I do they just buzz, I've tried every comfortable grip but still no luck. Anybody got any advice


Edit: I forgot to mention I can play barre chords well in standard tuning and drop D
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That's in Drop C? I can't imagine that chord sounding anything but awful. I also assume the D is barred.
I don't get why you'd not have a problem playing it in standard tuning but struggle with it in drop C. Are you using 2 different guitars, and if so what string guagues? If you are it's possibly just that your drop C guitar is using thicker strings and has more tension than your drop D/standard tuning guitar, and you're not used to it. In which case it's just a matter of practise.

If you're using the same guitar for both tunings (somehow... I mean that would be ridiculously floppy in drop C but OK..) you're probably getting buzz because the strings are so damn floppy.

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That's in Drop C? I can't imagine that chord sounding anything but awful. I also assume the D is barred.

It's just an Eb5.
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Yep it's the same guitar, when I play the low c it's a bit floppy but the other string's dont have buzz when I play them individually it's just when I'm barring them.

Edit: string gauge is 10s
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The chord is just an Eb5 (power chord) that's extended up a few octaves. I play these all the time in my band to add depth.
Try playing this first, then try barring. You should be using your pinky for the 6th fret.
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I know it's a Eb5 and I do use my pinky on the 6th fret, thanks.

OK well you're using the same strings (I assume 10s are fine, I never play in drop C but I use 10s in E standard) on the same guitar, yet you don't get buzzing when in standard tuning/drop D. The strings should be easier to fret when in drop C because they will be looser, so my guess is that you're getting the buzzing because your guitar was set up for 10 gauge strings in E standard with a fairly straight neck. This means that when moving all the way down to drop C, the strings are putting less tension on the neck, causing it to get some backbow, which will cause the strings to sit closer to or even on the strings which in turn causes some buzzing. This is generally most noticeable on the lower frets.

Ideally you want to use a different guitar for tunings that exert a significantly different amount of tension on the neck. Just going to drop D won't make a massive difference but putting all your strings down 1 whole tone is going to make a huge difference to the tension on the neck. If you have multiple guitars, great. Decide which one you want in drop C, and get it professionally set up (that's the safest advice I can give you, if you really want to know about sorting out neck tension etc. just google "truss rod"). If not, you're just going to have to deal with issues like this, but it's not good for the guitar to keep changing the neck tension.
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I thought that I would need another guitar for different tunings, unfortunately I've only got the one maybe one day I'll get another. I know a bit about neck tension and the truss rod ( I did a truss rod adjusment last week because my guitar had too much relief and the intonation was horrible because of it) thanks for the advice