I made this video a while ago, and forgot to back up my mac. So when I dropped my mac and it smashed to pieces, I wasn't able to get it back :'-(


Now I want to re-create it, but I can't find the website where the song is from.

Please pit! Can ANYONE find out where the song is from? All I remember is that I was Googling for free stock music.


EDIT: This could be seen as a massive plug and I don't want to get banned, so please, watch the video with your eyes closed. Thanks.
Since it's your video, you can download it as an MP4 from Youtube, then use the audio from the video. You'd just have to keep the new video the same length.
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Yeah I downloaded the video from youtube when I logged into the account, but there was another video I made with a different part of the song, that's actually the video I want to re-create.