Another ambient song, this time some darker stuff. Any thoughts would be apreciated.
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that was EXCELLENT...your production skills are off the charts....i agree with the comments above me....sounds like really good ambient movie soundtrack stuff....seems this is where your bread and butter is at...you do it very very well....i have no gripes about this type of stuff...it has it's place...to me it is a"specialty"type of music if you wanted to add more detail and run with it in another genre than i think you can expand and put more things...for what the purpose is though it's great
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As a fan of ambient music (ever heard Omar-Rodriguez's Despair?) I'll give you some constructive input!

Good build up to around 1:15, you can heard some great texturing in there - curious as to how you made such great dynamics. Echo'ing noises are not too far forward which is good as I think too much would spoil the piece. The panning/stereo separation in this track is awesome man, so much space!

Honestly sounds like it could go along to some sort of space-themed horror game or film - reminds me vaguely of some of the music in the Alien films.

Mind checking my new stuff out? A lot different but any comment would be great: