I am looking into getting a multie effects box.

The main thing I want to have, if possible, is the ability to do what Gilmour is doing in this vid that starts around .055. and goes from there fairly often. Have a look and maybe someone knows.


He his hitting a chord then pressing on the pedal, then playing over top of the background a few licks, then hits a chord steps on the pedal etc etc. It picks up the chord he plays then adds volumn with the pedal.
I don't know what this is called but would like to have that possibility in a multieffects box.

Anyone know about this? or what models boxes would have that.. I order online so have to know for sure. Or is such a thing possible without having to string together a bunch of stuff which I do NOT want.

I been looking at the Boss ME-70 but don't know if that capability is in the box..