I'm wondering which of these would be better for me, the Rockerverb 50 MKii or the Rockerverb 100 mkii. My band covers groups like A Day to Remember, Blink-182, Sum 41, Avenged Sevenfold, Four Year Strong, The Offspring, Pierce the Veil, and Tonight Alive. Unfortunately there aren't any stores within 100 miles of me that have either of these in stock. I had the opportunity to play the 100w version a few months ago, which was amazing, though I wasn't able to crank it over 2 in the store , but I haven't been able to compare these amps side to side. A lot of my favorite bands that I've seen live have used at least one of these amps. I would be most grateful for any input you may have on this.
I've got a 50w MkII, I'm very happy with it. I used to play through an Orange 4x12 (now an Orange 2x12) and it sounds great.

In terms of volume I don't really think you'd need much more than the 50w, it's definitely loud enough for gigging, and perhaps a bit too loud for good sounding home use. I think the highest I've ever had it at rehearsals was about 6 or 7, and that's with a fairly hard hitting drummer.

Soundwise I like it a lot, nice cleans, very nice distortion. Reverb sounds great til around 4 or 5 but anything after that was a bit too much, for my liking anyway. You might have a different opinion though.

Hope I helped mate.
My rig: ESP Eclipse II --> bulk amount of pedals --> Orange Rockerverb 50w
oddly enough both a 50 watt mkii rockerverb right next to a 100 watt mkii rockerverb. that is a very odd to come by having that comparason at the same place and time, both on top of the same orange 4x12"s.

i played with them for probably an hour, i really like them both, i started with a LP studio i grabbed off of the wall and plugged it in, then i tried a strat so i could have a different experience.

i would personally go for the 50 watter. i liked the cleans a little better because they had a little extra grit turned up (obviously due to lower headroom), and when i rolled off, it got rid of the grit, and responded very nicely.

the 50 watter was pretty similar to the 100 watter in the gain territory, to the point to where it is just personal preference, i didn't notice any lack of "oomph" on the 50.

if you could get a 100 and pull a pair of tubes to bring her down to 50 watts i would get the 100 for sure, however i am NOT sure that is possible.
Alright, thanks everyone! Most likely going to go with the 50, I've been emailing a store in the area and they should have one in the next week or two.