Hey, it's a song I've had for a long time and I've finally got it recorded. It's the first release from a self-recorded album and I just wondered what you all think as there's usually some helpful tips to be found here.

here it is - https://soundcloud.com/the-empty-twist/love-rat

or if you prefer youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KcBSNrJk7w

C4C of course, Cheers!
Erm... well the production needs work. When the instruments show any kind of complexity they either sound out of time or the frequencies are just fighting each other, it's a little hard to tell.

It's mainly that distorted guitar, it throws everything off. Maybe turn it down a little.
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Nice song, liked the dirty vocals and the rhythm sections. I think it only lacks some more attention an the lead guitar, it seems to be kinda "out" of the whole, not sure if it is the recording, mixing, or even tuning. Maybe turning it a little down would make it clearer.
Anyway, keep on with the good work!
Like someone else said, the distorted guitar is super loud, drums are kind of pushed back in the mix.

Lots of timing issues with the tambourine. Its distracting enough that id consider re-tracking.

This mix also sounds super dry, I'm not sure if I can hear any reverb on the vocal, or if you're running any kind of processing, but i think at least a little bit of subtle verb to feed all the tracks through would be a really nice way to give this track a sense of unified space.

I'd also play around with your panning. Again I can't quite tell for sure, but it sounds like everything is panned dead center so none of the instruments have any room to breathe - they're always fighting each other for space. this could also be an issue you could fix with eq, but id try my luck with panning first.

Issues aside, i like the vibe. Super raw and energetic, very punk rock brother!