Traynor YBA-1 Tribute.

40w (Down to 2.5 watts)
2 El34
3 12ax7
4 Input (lo 1, lo 2, hi 1, hi 1+2)
volume 1, volume 2, Treble, Bass, Tone expander (low: mids, high: presence)

Like a baby plexi Traynor style


Only 100 made !
So if you live in Canada go play one !
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very nice
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Thank you

I just uploaded a short clip in my profile, I didnt really dial it in perfectly nor was the mic in the best position but you get the jist. Gain is around 6/10 (2.5 watt mode with my mary jane cab which has 6505 sheffield stock speaker from peavey)

I bought this amp because I really wanted a higher wattage 1 channel simplicity amp for when my orange lacks the neccessary headroom, and tone wise I was into the fuzzy buzzy sounds of the plexi (think of the old black keys tone I know it was a jtm45 but close enough).
At first I was thinking of the bugera 1960 infinium but when I heard about this amp I had to check it out as I use to own a YCS50 which was great and i regret selling it.
Went to L&M and checked it out along side of a Mesa royal atlantic (for fun) and the traynor was just sooooo DIRTY and Flubby (in a good way) I fell in lublublub and for 700 bones I had to leave with it. Plus I'm willing to bet it was better built than the 1960 (not to bash bugera cuz they sound nice too).

questions ?
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Congrats man
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Cool!! Tranynors are neat, I'm thinking I might hunt one down locally and snag it.
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Very nice amp, and rig as well!

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