Hey guys, I'm most likely getting a guitar for my birthday, and it's probably going to be a fender Mexican standard telecaster. I think that arctic white is the best color, but i want to here some of your opinions. The color options are: arctic white, lake placid blue, brown sunburst, midnight whine, black, and candy apple red. If you want to see them on the website, I know Long&McQuade and musicians friend has them. Thanks
If you like Arctic White, then what does it matter what we think?

Not trying to be mean, I'm just not sure what it matters what a group of strangers think when you already know what you like.
If you like arctic white just go for it.
Personally I was always a fan of the Lone Star and the Midnight Wine finishes.
Artic White, do it!
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olympic white + mint green pickguard and maple fretboard equals the secks.

i don't remember how differentt the whites are though.
Get the color you like the best. Or better yet, try a bunch of MIM strats and get the one that plays the best, regardless of color.
Get the finish you're drawn to. There's no reason to pay attention to what anybody else thinks.

Though as it so happens, arctic white with a maple fretboard is my favourite, anyway.
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I like my guitars the same as I like my suits, black. But if you like the white go with the white
white's cool cause u can see the age best and watch it turn yellow but black and red are my favs. i've never had a white guitar. jus white pick guards and knobs that've done that