Well done! Love the breakdown riff and lead, the overlapping vox are cool too. My kind of music.
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thanks for the responses. will get to c4c as soon as i have time
Ok... listening on: Loud

Damn. Nice production, man. The singer is a beast! Guitar tones make my ceiling ruble. This is the kinda blues I can get into. Hell yeah. Damn that guitar solo is goood! I don't know, man... really made my head bop along. Sounds nasty in a good way. Haha.

C4C? Pick out anything from my page and comment there, thanks!
Hey thanks alot man! glad you enjoyed it. gonna listen and crit one of your songs now
The production value on this is quite good, I would have to agree that vocals get slightly pitchy at times, but you have a pretty good voice. Nice guitar work as well, the riff work fits the type of music pretty well, interesting blend of blues and rock, nice job