Hey guys,
I have some buzz on my Mustang that I attribute to the bridge, it's been a bit troublesome since I got it with intonation and buzzing issues...so I want to fix this. I've come to a number of options but I just don't know which to go with and was hoping there were some one Mustang/offset owners that could help...
I can either get the Warmoth Moddified Mustang bridge, or replace the saddles with TUSQ or straight up chrome replacements.

The thing that I wonder most is if I were to just get replacement chrome saddles from like All Parts, would they not really be different than the stock chrome saddles I have on their now?
Also, what should be the criteria, like how do I decide if I want to replace the whole bridge or just the saddles?
The TUSQ saddles and Warmoth bridge are pretty close in price so its not so much an issue of cost, but efficiency.

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