I have a 6505 1 '12 and the sound i got out of it I have gotten so far harsh.I want a bit of a warmer distorted tone...can you recommend some settings to help me achieve this?
Oh jesus...

there is a settings thread but you are helpless.... the mods will probably lock this, hopefully they don't so we can get you straightened out and stop making ******ed threads.

What are your settings at currently? What type of music are you trying to play?
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Gain on 5- bass on 7 mid on 5 high on 6 presence to taste resonance to taste. Tweak from there.

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Hope that helps.
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You're a lost cause mate.
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You are the one breaking the rules.

Gain on 5- bass on 7 mid on 5 high on 6 presence to taste resonance to taste. Tweak from there.

And go **** yourself you little ******* ****

Hope that helps.

OP is an asshole to R45VT, R45VT still nicely gives answer.

he is a good guy.

also to add, the end to his post is accurate dead on.
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Warmer distorted tone? What sorts of tones/styles are you trying to achieve? If you're after a classic power amp distortion you definitely picked the wrong amp for the job. Maybe a Classic 30/50 is more suited for you?
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You aren't going to make a 6505 sound like a JCM800... EVER. PERIOD. FINAL.

You just bought THE METALEST OF METAL AMPS, and wonder why it's so in your face?

And no, before you ask, the Fullbore Pedal WILL NOT benefit this amp!!!
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Assuming you are stuck with your 6505+112 for a while and like it otherwise I would try the settings that some already gave you.....oh right, R45VT.

But then again - we have no idea what kind of music you play
Then I would experiment with some JJ 12AX7 OR 12AT7 preamp tubes.
Next I would consider getting a different speaker in there. Maybe an Eminence Swamp Thang or WGS Vet30.
Then I would maybe put a blanket over the amp.
Then I would play with some pedals like chorus, delay, reverb
If all of that fails, I get rid of that amp and get something else.

PS: I really like the 6505+112.

That's not really helping. Settings Threads are banned. And R45VT is a consistent poster/helper here.
You guys are much nicer than I am

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I reported it last night.

This guy always gives half information and has a ton of breads about a "wArm" sounding amp, yet talks about getting a 10band and a cube, with a pedals like the fullbore for distortion.

Everyone likes different settings, not every setting will work with every genre of music, settings also depends on speakers.... Ther is no 1 settings for everyone.

That's why threads like these are pointless.

The guy needs help, and I don't mind throwing suggestions out as he clearly isn't happy with his sound. A 6505 is not a JCM900....

Resonanceat 6, presence between 4 and 6....

Maybe giv yourself a mid spike TS. Turn your mods to 8.

And the Peaveys are biased very cold.... Not exactly a warm amp....