I need advice about Fender Squier Jazzmaster mod, are those guitars good?
Here's the link from online shop thomann.de: http://www.thomann.de/gb/fender_sq_vintage_mod_jazzmaster_3tsb.htm

How good or how bad is this guitar? Tremolo/whammy stay in tune?
Or its better to buy from ebay some original fender.
I need good, professional guitar
Guys, i hope you will give me good advice!
They're very nice guitars for the price. That said, they are not as nice as their Fender counterparts. I have one in Olympic White that I'm in the process of upgrading (just fun, aesthetic mods). The trem is fine, non locking, and i would of course recommend a Mustang or Mastery bridge right off the bat. What do you mean by a professional guitar? I would use it for gigs, if that's what you mean.

Also: you could just make one thread asking about different guitars, instead of two asking if said guitars are good. Make a list of guitars you might like, then follow the instructions in the "We need budget..." thread.
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+1 on the Mastery Bridge. Fantastic systems.

You're probably better to eBay a real Fender. The VM and CV series are okay for the cash, but ultimately guitars that are made with certain visuals to fit a price point where there is a high-demand market: Cheap guitarists looking for the guitars they want without breaking the bank.

You suffer when it comes to the hardware, wood choice, and craftsmanship. I hate candy apple red Strats with white pickguards, but if I found a nice vintage RI for the right price, I'd still knab it up. Don't cheap out on your guitars, bud, you'll be happy for it in the long run.
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They're good guitars, and there's nothing wrong about having a cheaper guitar. Squier has really stepped it up in recent years with their build quality, I have a classic vibe tele from the first year they were made and it's a great sounding and playing guitar, the only thing I ever changed was the strings.

If anybody tells you squier is a bad brand to buy ask them if they actually own one from the vintage modified or classic vibe series, it's a big difference from the cheap bullet strats people like to hate on.

Edit: btw, most of the hardware is the same as the MIM models like the classic players, except the pickups.
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They really are good guitars. The Jazzmaster is not quite as nice as the CP Jazzmaster, but in my estimation, better than the Blacktops I've played. They are mostly vintage correct and very easy to upgrade. The pickups are quite nice and the only electronic upgrades I plan to make are on the rhythm switch and the lead pots. Even the trem is decent (though some have thrown in the AVRI trem). I'm currently doing a matched headstock, already put aged covers on the pickups, and am swapping the tort guard for mint green, so if you have any specific questions about components, feel free to ask, as I've already had a good luck at the guts of the guitar.
Thanks for information! Some people say, if you change pickups, they will sound almost like original.
By the way, thanks alot! I search on ebay. Maybe i will buy Fender Mustang or Fender Jazzmaster next year.