Jamming with a local prodigy - what do? (feat. Free guitar pedal question)

Alrighty, well, a fella who's a few years older than me asked me to jam with him next weekend, with a possibility I may end up in a progressive-rock style band with him. Now, this is a fella who I used to see back at school through the years perform with bands, and he was always the sort of guy who you wouldn't have been surprised if he had a record deal by the time he hit 20.

So, basically, I used to look up to this guy, and since I'm going to be jamming with him, I'm shitting myself.
Not to say that I suck, but my creativity has stagnated over the last few years due to other commitments and a lack of motivation to play.

So my question here is, despite the fact that I'm not really going to get better in like a week, who here knows of some good prog-rock type stuff that I could give a listen to, and possibly practice along with to work out some stuff to jam with?

Also, question 2: I'm looking at getting rid of my multi-effects pedal and getting some standalone effects. Any recommendations for both specific effects and brands that I should consider?
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So my question here is, despite the fact that I'm not really going to get better in like a week, who here knows of some good prog-rock type stuff that I could give a listen to, and possibly practice along with to work out some stuff to jam with?

Wouldn't it be better if you asked him what sort of stuff you should be listening to before the jam? After all, there wouldn't be much point in you spending time learning something to jam with the guy if he doesn't happen to know it.
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But on a serious note, you cant just ask us stangers to give you tips on playing with a guy ;it seems even you dont know much about. Just go there and do what you know. Dont go all prog for a day just for that. Prog is a complex genre. Not everything is a Dream Theather clone.
It depends on what kind of prog, if it was more modern progressive metal or something, i would suggest Mastodon (maybe some of the mid-later stuff), but if it's older stuff, i would go for Genesis or King Crimson or something. It really is a pretty big genre, and if you gave us some more specifics about what he's into, then i could probably give you a few recommendations.

As for playing with someone with more skill, i think it's a good thing, as long as he's not an ass about it. I have played with people who are far better than me at their instruments, and people who are far worse, and i have found that those who are better inspire creativity, and spur me on to be on the ball with stuff and practice more, whilst people who aren't as good make me feel as though i am kind of carrying them, and my creativity can end up stagnating.

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Omg I had the exact same situation happen to me about a year or two ago. Same instance were a guy who was in year 10 (whilst i was in year 7) was like a guitar god when I got to see him play, with sweeps and multi finger tapping and everything. Then a friend who is even younger than i am by a few year somehow met up with him and invited me to jam with them one afternoon.

The only he'd ever even knew that I played was when I was reading a guitar mag and he randomly sat next to me at school and said "Don't buy that amp. Its shit" etc etc (Little did he know I had already purchased it.) LOL.

Well, then it came time to jamming, and to my surprise and to settle my nerves; I realised after jamming with him that all my effort and progress over the years proved me to the better by quite a lot. Now I'm saying that as humbling as possible, it just was a fact, I guess nostalgia plays to much of a role in these sorts of situations, It actually sparked me to begin learning new things again because I had gotten to a stage of stagnation from believing I had hit my peak or didn't think I was good enough.

So take that with a grain of salt dude and goodluck!
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I'm a progressive/blues guitarist and personally i jam to Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Tool, some RUSH and King Crimson. The most fun to jam to for my style is Post Rock stuff. Sigur Ros, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, and Explosions in the Sky. Heavier alternatives are always Dream Theater and for great instrumental prog Scale the Summit.

I personally think I'm a serviceable guitarist. I'm no professional but i'm alright. I jammed with people way better than myself in order to get where i am. It will be good for you to go in and play with someone possibly better because it will give you someone to learn from and something to strive for. I wouldn't be where i am without my older brother. He has been playing for about a decade and is a very good guitarist and in many aspects he feels i have surpassed him in the 6 years i have been playing. Improvisation is a great skill to have and jamming with a guy and letting whatever comes come will help you with that skill. JUST HAVE FUN!
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And give a listen to this:
If you can learn this before you jam (Not likely, otherwise YOU would be the prodigy child), your jam buddy will shit his pants and give up his first born to you just to be able to wipe your ass after a month of Mexican dinners.