Does anybody know of a blueprint on the internet for any RG related Ibanez models?

I.e. JPM100, JEM777, or just regular Ibanez RG

I have templates for the RG I'm building.... But a template doesn't tell me how deep to route everything.

It would be very helpful to me if someone could find blueprints for an RG, or if someone who has experience building RG-type guitars could just straight-up tell me the measurements for how deep to cut the routes.

I don't want to spend a lot of money on pickups and then figure out I routed too deep or too shallow.... That would suck.

If anybody has any information regarding routing depth on Ibanez RG guitars, please reply.
For some reason I "don't have permission" to view the blueprints from Jemsite. I made an account and verified it and everything just to see if that was the issue.... It says I don't have permission to view the blueprints they have for a JEM 777. If anybody has access to the blueprint and can put it on another website or something and link it, that'd be very helpful.
Oh thank you! For some reason every time I tried a google search for RG blueprint it would just give me the Jemsite one that I could not access.
If you route too deep you can just put springs on the screws under the pick ups. should do this anyway to get the perfect height to string ratio. Another option.