Looking to add a guitar with a tremolo bridge to accompany my Jackson Warrior fixed bridge. Wasn't thrilled with the quality of the details of the X-series Warrior so I'm looking elsewhere. While I do prefer metal-looking bodies, I can't find much when it comes to shapes that don't look weird, so I may have to settle for a superstrat-type shape. While I do like the looks of a V-shaped guitar they aren't the most comfortable.

I'm considering the BC Rich ASM Pro and the Dean Custom 550F. Both cost around the same, have similar specs, get high reviews, and seem to be good quality, some say that they are manufactured at the same Korean plant. I'm favoring the BCR for the better looks. I haven't handled either of them nor won't I get a chance for a few months. What I would like is something with a fast, thin, flat neck. Anybody can comment on these two guitars? I'm also open to other suggestions in that price range (700).