I got a bunch of practice amps (bass and guitar) from people, most junk with enough missing not to be worth fixing, but just using for parts. I mostly play bass, and already have a good guitar amp, so I was thinking of making one big amp out of all the crap.

My goal isn't to make a hi-fi jazz club amp, but something raunchy and cheap as the parts I put into it.

I know with bass cabs there are a lot of variables to achieve a passable tone, but not very familiar with guitar cabs.

I have several speakers ranging from 6"-10", 20-40 watts and 8 or 4 ohms. I'll be using a 20-30 watt SS head pulled from one of the combos. My questions are will it be stable and work if I get a good ohm rating? and what should I do in terms of a build?

I plan on using it for grungy punk to sludge, just nastiness that works. Would I do open, semi or closed back? Ports? matress pad dampening?
It doesnt matter what size the speaker is, or its impendance, as long as in the end the nominal indempandance works out to be something that can handel your head.

Most guitar heads are 16, 8 or 4 ohm.

ex: you wire two 8 ohm speakers in series = 8ohm+8ohm = 16ohm total

or you wire two 8 ohm speakers in parallel = 1/[(1/8ohm)+(1/8ohm) = 4 ohm

So really for me to answer you question, I would need to know excatly what speakers and head you're gonna be using.

As for the wood, I believe manufactures like mesa and orange use 3/4" birch.

I've priced building a cab before, and its pretty much gonna cost you as much as buying one to just get the materials...

Edit: What I would try for if you ahve the parts is 2 smaller 8ohm speakers on top, wired in series for a total of 16ohms, then put a larger 16ohm speaker on bottome. Then wire the top speakers to the bottom speaker in paraller for a total of 8ohms. Thats how my randall cab is wire with 212's on top a 115 on bottom.
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Ok I am using a 25 watt 80's Moridira SS combo torn apart made into a head, it's tap is 4 ohms, So I am planning on either going the cheap route and using a 10" 8 ohm speaker, a 10" 4 ohm speaker, a 4 ohm 8" speaker and a 8" 8 ohm speaker.

If I decide to spend money I'd get 4 or 8 weber 8" 8 ohm $23 ceramics and a good pine.

I am pretty sure I'll be making it a true 4x1 vs a 2x2 design like the average 4 speaker cab, with a closed back.