I have been looking around at acoustics lately, and I am interested in picking up one. I am an intermediate bass player, but I want to learn guitar as well. I am on a little bit of a budget so I would need to get a good guitar for the money. My budget is $200 or less, and I found this one at GC with a $20 coupon....which would make it $180. What do you guys think about it? I do like the fact that it has a solid top.

Well it does have a solid spruce top so that is good. However my experience with low-end Epiphone acoustics (actually any sub $200 acoustic) is that they require a complete setup in order to be playable. Out of the box the action is usually really high, plus the plastic nut and saddle dull the tone quite a bit, tuning stability isn't the best either. If you buy this guitar plan on spending about $50 on a setup. IMO you should save up for a bit and try to shoot for the $350-$400 range, the quality and options in this price range are immensely better.
This Yamaha FG700 is generally regarded as a much better value than a low end Epiphone. It has a solid spruce top: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/guitars/yamaha-fg700s-folk-acoustic-guitar It's $200.00 also and I expect that Musician's Friend will have a "percent off sale" for St. Patrick's Day.

You'd have to order by phone to get that price reduction. The Yahama is considered the best buy in your price range. I disagree that you need 3 or 4 hundred to get a decent first acoustic, but that money would net you a better axe, granted.

I'm saying if you only have a deuce, don't beat yourself up over it, grab the Yammie and have fun.
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yep...your gonna spend it no matter what we say about waiting so get the Yammie and have fun. it's an excellent starter. sounds better than a lot of other more expensive choices IMO.
I'd avoid those cheap Epiphone Acoustics...they use some of the cheapest fret wire possible...back in the day I bought one of their Jumbo models and the frets started wearing really damn fast. Same with the low end electrics, I have an Alvarez near the same price of the Epi and Its frets seem built like tanks!

Yamaha is a good choice!
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I'd avoid those cheap Epiphone Acoustics...they use some of the cheapest fret wire possible..
That was my experience with an Epiphone 12 string I bought some years ago. I put a set of Dean Markley 12 string lights on it. They're 80/20 brass and the frets burned right through the wound G.

So, I put a set of D'Addario phosphor bronze lights on it, they stayed on it for years, but the much harder PB, bored right into the fretwork..
guitar center also gives discounts in store for yamahas during holiday sales - at least several of the closest ones to me does.

btw, i prefer the yamaha to the epi, also.
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Ditto on the yamaha over the epi. The low end epis feel cheap and the hardware they use is not the best. The yamaha sounds decent, is simple, built well, and will stay in tune.