Hey I've been working on a new tone and hoping that this works out. Somebody mentioned making a song, if I could get critique on the song as well as the tone that would be great! I know one thing is for sure before anything is finished I need to work on the drums.

Also this is still a WIP, I would say there's a good chunk left to record.


I love the riffs and the arrangement. I think the drums are good; coming from a guy who doesn't play drums too well, so someone who actually plays drums might have more to say on that matter. But IMO I think the tone needs to sound bigger. Try overdubbing the rhythm tracks 2 or 3 times if you haven't already.
I would love it to be much faster, but then that's just me. At least the double-bass pedal part. However, I like the blast beat from 0:50, it could use some "humanizing", if you know what I mean, making it sound like a real person is playing.
Speaking of tone, guitar sound could be done a little bit tighter, but it's not bad as it is. As the guy above said, overdubbing could make it sound bigger.
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