Hey guys, I sometimes like to play using headphones and i did have a pair of klipsch image ones, but they just randomly broke on me and I'm looking to get new ones if these ones don't "revive". I play guitar and bass, both electric. I don't want really big headphones that will always fall off. I think i may pay $230 TOPSSSS!!!! Do any of you know any good brands?
Klipsch, Sony, Sennheiser, Bose...

A tip: check out the electronics/brand specific stores in outlet malls. I went to a Sony outlet and got some refurbished Sony headphones- the big, flat, over the ear "DJ" style kind- for $5 each. I give 'em away to friends and family fed up with earbuds. The pair I bought for myself has been working perfectly for 8 years.
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Lol I bought a pair of 30 dollar skull candys that work fine for me. I only use them at like 3 in the morning when I have to haha
i've got some sony's that i got from walmart that were only like $150 and i've had em for months and they work fine but i dunno how much they cost but there are some amp phones made by Vox that i read a review for in guitar world and they're supposedly the shit for guitar and bass like made out of the same speakers in vox amps just like miniature. and DON'T buy dre beats. it's stylish but bullshit like worth only half the price and easily destroyed. i saw steve vai like play slide with some but that's all they're good for in my book
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i have had good luck with sennhausers, i have a pair over 12 years old, still sound great, however the ear padding is cracking on the outside (which really doesn't matte) but thats really only the bad thing.
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I have some KRK kns-8400's and I love em, very comfy memory foam ear muff piece. Removable and replace-able cable with a detachable volume slider. They are monitoring headphones though, so they are "unhyped", they give you clear, flat and accurate sound. That having been said they handle bass fine, it is strong, not absent or boxy like cheap headphones... I dont want to come off like im advertising them, but they are pretty good headphones... i think i got them for $160-$170... around that price... anyways they were a great step up from my audio technica ath-m35's... which the cable broke on them...
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Your budget is a decent budget for some good headphones. Better ones usually cost around the 300 to 500 dollar range and then up even more after that.

Anyway, look at Audio-Technica ath-m50, Beyerdynamic headphones, Sennheiser and Ultrasone HfI 780 S-Logic ( I personally own a pair of these) and Grado. Most other brands are more expensive than the ones I listed and generally are better for the more expensive headphones. But hey someone can and should prove me wrong.
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