Hello again boys and girls.

I made another metal noise on the internet. Same setup as usual.

Jackson DK2M -> Line 6 Spider II half stack -> Rock Band Mic -> Audacity (Acoustica Beatcraft for the drums) -> Internets.

Any feedback, especially tips on programming drums (i'm especially ******ed at doing drum fills, hence the omission of them all together for now) is always welcome.

Feedback on the other tracks is welcome as well.

I'm about to pop to the pub in a bit, so i will be a bit slow in replying to comments, but I will definately get back to you when I return.
Ah, I've used close to the same recording setup before. Brings back some good memories, and a couple bad ones. For what you are using to record I have to say its good, and the song writing is very good. Lots of cool riffs, I dig it. The drums have some weird panning though, i'm not sure if that's default or if you did it, but some of the sounds seem to be panned in the wrong spots. Other than that cool stuff, i'd look into some better equipment though. Your stuff would sound pretty awesome.

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