Hi all. I am writing to say how I have a Vox V845 wah and a fuzz face clone and when i go to plug the pedals in I cant get both to working at the same time. For example I have the amp then the wah then the fuzz and all I get is fuzz but no wah but when I engage the wah it turns off the fuzz. I might be just doing it incorrectly but please can someone lend me some advice

okay so is this how you have it set up:

cable goes from your guitar to input on fuzz, patch cable from output of fuzz to input of wah, cable from output of wah to input of amp?

If you've got it setup like that, and power to both pedals, it should work fine...
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A lot of the time wah's and fuzzes don't get along with each other at all. I've got the V845, but mines been modded. Before the mod however it was a tad argumentative