Hello everyone
I have got 3 different questions about some boss pedals.

DD7: I was wondering if it is possible to delay your sound but then add a differnent effect pedal ONLY to the delayed sound... Not the originall sound, So e.g your delayed sound has a tremelo while your input signal hasn't...

Surpressor/Compressor: Heard some things about these, but are thy really necessairy? Do pros use them for live performances or professional recording? Because in my opinion it makes sound loss..

Thanks in advance
You can get a loop switcher pedal (the exact name escapes me right now).

Basically put a delay and trem in their own loop, then you turn on the loop and it lets both of their signals come into the chain, turn it off to cut off signal to both of them.

I use a noise suppressor and a compressor.

IMO, "tone loss" is just a result of not being able to understand how the pedals work or how to dial them in. This is especially true in the case of the NS-2, as the "NS-2 sucks tone" bandwagon is (or was) rampant around here.

The major downside of compressors is that a lot of them are very noisy. Other than that, I can't see how they could make your tone worse in any way. If you don't like the effect, then obviously you shouldn't use one.

This is all assuming you're getting good pedals in the first place, not like $30 plastic shits.
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