I know this idea is generic. My friend and I had written this like 2 years ago. The problem is I just can't seem to get the mix right at all. Idk if I've just been working on it so long so it just sounds like trash to me or what.. But it seems like everything I do to try and make the mix better, just makes it worse.

I had rerecorded this for the sole purpose of getting better with my mixing,

So, If anyone could just like kindly pick this track apart, tell me everything that is wrong or off with it, and then give me pointers on how to make it sound better, or at least more metal? you know? Thanks in advance dudes \m/
Dude, are you nuts? That sounds great. Have you tried getting someone to sing with his/hers voice over the song?

Only one thing I would consider improving the track with. At 1:17 I hear a guitar in the background, you can amplify the sound to that so we can hear it better, louder. Keep on rocking man.
Haha !thanks man.

Me and this guy just finished getting the equipment together so we can record vox. I'm just trying to get these tracks sounding as good as I can dude.

In the near future I'll probably go over this song with some leads and all. I'll get the volume straight for that one segment. It's just so hard mixing in my space. \m/
I would like to have heard vocals over this too I could imagine like non growl vocals over this but that is just my preference. I think your riffs are class they have like a real happy kinda metal feel to them it sounds like you haven't just thrown a few riffs together.

Let me know when you get vocals on it mate.

P.S It needs an guitar solo in my opinion
Sounds very good to me, little too processed for my taste, but that is just taste after all.

Might just be the shitty headphones I'm using at the moment, but the cymbals sound a little isolated from the rest of the mix
I agree with the solo and vox ideas as well guys. As I said it was just an old idea that I recorded for mixing purposes only. Technically there aren't even real leads on it. But now I want to try to make it into a full song.

And as far as the drums go, I keep getting different things from different people. In one mix I had, the cymbals seemed to blend well. I had a decent room mic level, and then people kept telling me to bring them out more. And now I feel as if they are too isolated as well... I don't know what to do.

This is pretty solid indeed! The volumes and pannings, they all sound great. Except the drums could be probably better, but isn't that the case for every metal song unless you have a killer budget