Currently, I have a PRS Santana SE, a modded Mexican HSS Strat w/ American Fender Single Coils, and a Fralin Humbucker, and a Parker PDF 100.
I play music like Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, etc. and I want to buy another guitar because of my gear acquisition syndrome, so which guitar should I get next?
Budget, city, pickup preference...?

I'm going to say semihollow, since you don't have one, but that's before I know the answers to those crucial questions.
I would second the semihollow or hell go for a hollow body if an option
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i'd go with the semi hollow too since u don't have one my bro. my boy has a gibson semi holl and he says the tone is orgasmic.
gibson ES335. i have't played a hollow that would beat it/
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Continuing the theme, there's a lot of good semihollows and hollowbody guitars out there. Besides the Gibsons, check out Hagstroms, Epiphones, Ibanez Artcores, Reverends, Godins...the list goes on.

Give us more data and we can refine our suggestions...especially if you want a solidbody.
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