Budget - Anywhere between $500-$1500 (Note that i am living in Australia making it a little more difficult.)

Genres - I mostly play rock, ranging from The Beatles to Rage against the Machine, with a bit of metal thrown in occasionally.

It will be mostly for home use and jamming. But would like the potential to gig with.

Currently using an Marshall MG15, and I am desperately in need of an upgrade, i only really use a V-AMP2 with it, but don't really want to have to use it with the new amp.

Any suggestions would be great. Ill do my best to answer any questions.
Hey man, this will probably be top price range for you,my numbers are off top of my head. Go for an orange tiny terror. It has amazingly versatile distortion, railed out it will get you into some good metal tones, it sounds great clean, has great British crunch, and its a warm tube amp I use it for punk stuff, metal, it will be great for rage stuff. The head runs at about 599 at guitar center I believe, now here is the best part it has a switch between 7 and 15 watts so if you are at home or in a small practice or gig you can rail it out for high gain, more distortion, the 15 watts through a 4/12 cab will get you through pretty much anything, I personally have not played it at wembly stadium lol so I'm not sure about a gig that large but you will have sound guys needing you to keep it off max volume at a house of blues size gig. An orange 4/12 cab you can get at guitar center from about 799 to 900 dollars and one in the teens but even if you got the second one it would put you at your max, you could even run it threw a cheaper marshal I've seen and herd this and it's just as great. I would recommend trying it with smaller cabs maybe a 2/12 suits your needs more, try it out. I recommend this amp because its great warm tube amp tone with versatile distortion options and can be pushed hard at home with 7 watts to sound good or 15 for bigger venues or less gain. Now it is no frills, it has no reverb and one tone nob, but play it and you will see that it can compete with any and all amps with its versatility and great tone. If you need more EQ capabilities I'd recommend an MXR 10 band EQ with it it runs at about 117 and you can still get it done in your prose range. The orange tiny terror is great.

Hope you try one out and like it.

EVH 5150 III 50W. Insane versatility and excellent at everything. Also sounds very good at low volume. A 1x12 would be fine for gigging, but a 2x12 would be even better (I did a pair of 1x12s even though I don't gig).

If you can find a used JSX those are great and also very versatile.
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