Resilience....I Could use some right about NOW! So i threw this together...

Martin Acoustic, SM57 Mic'd at the Bridge for rhythm, Mic'd at Neck joint at 45 angle for Lead Parts. SM57 tied to end table hahahaha! MIC stand was a no show!!! Schecter Omen 5 Bass with Flatwounds!

Some Mistakes...

C4C Of Course

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Sounds Great! The introduction to the piece vaguely reminds me of Zeppelin, maybe the song Tangerine - though only a tiny bit, which is totally awesome.

I thought it was really cool how the song transitioned from kind of a more folky sound (I'm guessing, though I could be completely off base, that the song started in A focusing around the minor then transitioned with an E7 chord to E?) to a more spanish/flamenco kind of vibe and then went back to a folky kind of medieval sounding part and then into the flamenco vibe again. Cool stuff man!
Dude this is ridiculously awesome. Your tone is great. The piece has a great vibe, reminds me of some Chris Isaak stuff, like Big Blue Spanish Sky. Beautiful. You are a great player. Ocean of Lies just started playing btw, I like the vocals! Anyway, this piece flowed really well, I enjoyed it a lot!

Funny about the 57 tied to an end table... thats how i did my last recording as well haha

Anyway i like your piece

at the very beginning there are some slight timing issues between the two guitars that throws my ear off a bit

Nice lead playing and I like the main theme. Cool tune, elegantly simple and flows well. Digging the mellow vibe

Are you an agalloch fan? Their music sounds a bit like yours does!
I really like it. Love the tone. It reminds me of some of the stuff I'm doing, or trying to do (my technique is still somewhat weak).

I come up with chord progressions that resonate with me emotionally, maybe two sets (sort of verse/chorus), maybe bridge. Then I record that. Then I solo over it, generally using blues scale. I try to use some advice from UG on my soloing, not doing too many notes, coming back to a theme, etc. To make up beats, I use a drum machine (Alesis SR 16) as I listen to a recording of chord progression looping in background, playing around with rhythm till it seems to fit my strumming pattern (which is just whatever feels right when I pick out chord progression). I'm not too good on precise drum machine timing, so it takes me some time to get a good rhythm section worked out. When I put it altogether, I like it, but I can also hear where I'm still rough on technique.

And it all comes out rather melancholy / bittersweet. Not sure if that's what you get with minor pentatonic / blues scale, or is more about how I'm feeling when I play.

So far I'm doing my recording with a free iPhone app, but am trying to figure out Reaper so I can do something more polished. But, anyway, your stuff is really good. I like the Spanish flavor, have to learn me some Spanish scales so I can break out of pentatonic / blues limitations.

I could totally listen to this all day at work. I saw you label it "folk" on soundcloud. That might fit, I might think of it more as "world." It even reminds me of some new flamenco stuff (Incendio, Ottmar Liebert, Johaness Linstead). Great stuff.